Saturday, 1 August 2009

Our Resident Teenage Terrors... Scriptor Senex...

This is John aka Scriptor Senex
aged 15
one of his daily blogs is Rambles from my Chair...which he does so well...

There he sits, astride nature, on his ration of a weekend's Navy Brandy - Man of the Sea - Much as he does now, actually; For there is nothing about life and nature that the Wise Scriptor does not know...

This is a Chronicler of Times Past, the Ever-Present and our Teens' Future, and we are more than delighted to have this man on board with our blog on Parenting Teens...

We hope to learn at his knee, don't we Saz?

So, get writing, Sir - Never mind saying you're too busy with family and travels in the Highlands and Islands... We benefit from your male balance here...

And being perched on that barrel, you look as if you are very good at achieving balance in life!


  1. I love this idea of showing your contributors as teenage terrors.
    and Scriptor certainly is wise and witty.

  2. Looking forward to hearing what he has to contribute to this great blog.

  3. He is a treasure, non?! But always sober these days, more's the pity - So no chance of luring him away from his beautiful Missus - 'She who likes tea...' ;)

  4. You all know how to keep the conversation going.

  5. Me - achieve balance! Never. I can't walk a straight line even when I'm sober.
    However. coming back from three months away and finding what Junior has been up to I guess there is a fair bit of material for a posting!
    (Perhaps I should point out in my defence that I would never have left Jo alone with a teenager for that long. Junior is 21 - he just acts like a teenager (on his good days!!)).