Friday, 21 August 2009

...Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart!

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Of late, and hereabouts especially in this place, (and others), I have been indulging in a Queen-Size Bout of Moaning About My Son... He's called Grizz, or Grizzles, do you recall? G for short.

And G has tried my patience. He would try the patience of a saint, he would!

And recently, I have had occasion to spend some Quality Mum Time with Grizz... (I call him by his Proper Name when we are in company, I must admit...) We're both on our hollingberries now, you see.

And spending time with G has been a pure and unadulterated pleasure... For the most part... I shall avow. (There have been flashes of the old Grizzmanship, still -- Well, he doesn't want to let the Teen Tribe down, does he??!).

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...He hasn't become all biddable, by the way. I can't rely upon him to pick up the myriad of dishes, cups and cutlery that lie, (like the landmines that killed my husband's grandfather at the close of the Second World War), precariously about my carpets - All at kickable, breakable, shriekable height.

He hasn't suddenly gone all soft and daft and started doing his own laundry, picking up around the house after himself, helpfully helping me to pack for our holiday or taking out the garbage...

No. But he has been pleasant. He has made me laugh. He has given me his arm in the street when my step faltered... (No, I hadn't been drinking then, Sazzie!) ...He even went shopping with me - for his clothes for our hols, I might add - I'd never take him shopping for me, for my clothes... No! Even when he was a baby, I didn't drag him screaming around shops as I've noted many parents do... (I just didn't go shopping for ages, unless it was for the week's groceries, more or less. Friends could never rely upon me for details of where the nicest shops were in the city, as they had all closed and moved on in the years since the last time I had entered their shopaholic heavenly portals...)

So what has changed? Perhaps G's just growing more mature? Perhaps it's the influence of The Woodland Faerie, (who's 18, so probably that counts as 30 in Grizz-Years?)...

Perhaps he's more relaxed since school broke up, with our holidays winking at us from over the hill?

Perhaps this was the lovely child I once knew and practically worshipped, who was actually hiding inside this growling, argumentative gargoyle for a number of Teen-years?

Whatever it is, I'm not questioning or quibbling! I'm languishing in the moment. I'm taking and giving those bear-hugs - They feel good. Great, in fact... He told me he loved me the other day... Twice... And without being coached!

I love him. I always did... (Until the next time! I'm not 'counting Fhina's chickies before they're hatched', mind!)

'Touch wood!'

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  1. It's fantastic isn't it, when the little darling you adored but thought lost forever in teenage angst, emerges as good as new, even if only for an instant, giving you certain hope that he was there all the time and someday soon will, like the butterfly emerging from its pupa [?]appear before you, stunning you with his completeness. Hmmmmn!

  2. Hey, I like your posts. Came over here from Friko's blog. My terrorists have all left home now (last one went a year ago to university) and I miss all the noise and mess. No, that was a complete lie. I miss the kids, not the mess! I will follow you so I can feel better about my dry towels hung up and the fact that I can have talking radio on.

  3. It's strange how it happens. My oldest son popped back to his normal self once he hit 20. Not that he was a huge tyrant to humanity while teenaging it, just needed a few boots up the arse. So enjoy your Grizz time. God knows when the testosterone starts bubbling!

  4. Normal self..yeah gods!! I wish....I wish....


    what is the fixation with open mouths on this post Fhi!? Ummm??? The first one is trying to eat metal...please explain, I feel foolish but don't get it!

  5. Sorry Sazzie, there was no rhyme or reason behind the open gobs - I liked the first image because Grizz has a belt just like it, and the second, because of the message on the Post-It note, about how we heart our Teenagers, really - That's all... Sometimes I'm not that clever or smart, really! Missing you already, babes! xox

    Thanks Moannie, I hope that all things will come right in time - I know they will - Fingers and toes crossed! :) x

    Fran Hill - Welcome, cousin! The more, the merrier! I don't wholly envy you your empty nest, but I know exactly where you're coming from!

    Lena - I love it! Boot up the arse, indeed! ;)