Friday, 7 August 2009

Teen time!

When darling Saz suggested I write something here, I declined, mostly because my two lovelies are 9 and 12 years old. Not quite teens, no, not even nearly teens. I have a whole year to go yet. Tall Girl will be thirteen next November, no need to worry surely? She is still all sweetness and light, that's not about to end yet is it? Or is it? Hmm, think again!

It is the school holidays. We have just had a week away. Now you may think a week's holiday with another family which contained your best friend would be a joyous occasion? Think again.

My oldest lovely has become hormonal (poor thing) and it is showing (poor me!!). What has happened? Where has she gone? Her beautiful hair has become grease-ridden and lanky and her mood is worse!

The last straw was on our final day. Everyone gathered around the breakfast table, in various states of dress, some still in PJs others fully dressed, and some -who will be nameless- unwashed! All the children were full of chatter, except, except....... my preteen. There she was, PJ bottoms and a hoodie on, hood up, partly screening her scowling face! She sat mute, bottom lip almost touching the table.

And what dreadful thing could have happened to have brought on this disturbing behaviour I hear you ask?

There was no Marmite!

She spent several hours after that scrunched up on a sofa with her hood still up and her Nintendo DS bleeping and playing tuneless elevator music.

There is so much to look forward to in the school holidays. Oh Joy!


  1. I know a 65 year old who pouts when there's no Marmite as well. But at least by that age he's learned to carry his own around. Good luck with the next ten years.

  2. Hang in there mum! You'll all soon learn to read the hormone levels for the day, and give space accordingly :-)

    Enjoy the ride.

  3. Oh, I feel your pain. My daughters are the same ages as yours. My 12 year old (the Teenager-in-waiting) threw a strop the other day because we had no bagels for breakfast, poor neglected child.

  4. Welcome Suburbia, to the madhouse..of teen terrors...

    Great first post, I hope you will stay and join in as and when..
    It sure seems to be starting earlier and earlier for these poor kids, and poor parents..

    I wouldnt go back for all the chocolate in Mexico!

    Saz x

  5. Thanks all! So great to share the pain!!!!!!!

    (OMG, hormone level reading per day? I so need HELP!)

    Saz she has found my secret chocolate stash and had just left the empty packet for me to find!

  6. Suburbia, Welcome to the Pleasure Dome, with rivers running with Mexican Chocolate!

    I've just passed a pleasant day shopping (unbelievably!) with Ter Grizz, apart from the fact that, reflecting on our forthcoming holidays, he said, "What are we going to do for two weeks in Amsterdam...?" Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Hold on in there, Burbs - More post fodder to come no doubt, courtesy of your lovely DD Teen!