Friday, 10 July 2009

The Swine...

Today I'm not going to whine and whinge, like I have here so many times previously...

I have been shamed by those wonderful contributors here who spread love and positivity about their Teen Torments, rather than the bloggy whine (and wine!) that I trade in...

On this auspicious day, I want to draw your attention to a website which is designed to help parents and carers of teens... 'You mean not this one, Mad Manic Mamas?', says Saz!

Yes, but there's also this one CLICKIE...

And, 'To what does Fhina owe this Damascene Conversion?' you ask...

To this little piggy... Pig Pictures, Images and Photos

And this little piggy... pig Pictures, Images and Photos

And this little piggy... swimming pig Pictures, Images and Photos

And this one, the proverbial pig in clover, going, 'Wheee, wheee, wheee' all the way home...

piglet Pictures, Images and Photos

Funny enough, I'm not so worried about this one...

Pig Hair Pictures, Images and Photos

You see, the fact of the matter is that I am terrifed that my Teen has, has had or will have, the Flu of the Swine...

He's been off school for three days this week, and I'm troubled that even if this is a mild dose, that it is a dose...

And I know you'll understand that, mes bloggy parentals...

For even tho' la Fhina sometimes protests too much...

She loves her Piglit with a vengeance.

Except he won't let me call him that any longer...

winnie and piglet Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. I have five sick little piggies at my house. :(

  2. Mine both have it, the 15 year old is awful. So sad,I miss the demands, the chatter, the begging and borrowing. Best wishes yours and you lovely Fhina xxx

    p.s. I mentioned MMM and you in my post yesterday

  3. I just come to look at the cute photies, Fhina!
    Sorry Grizz is under the weather; it may just be a cold. Fingers crossed.

    P.S. Do you have a policy to remain anonymous, when each of you takes a turn here?

  4. Having just caught up [been a bit spacey lately, head full of allergies I think...or the beginning of piggy does it start?] and I have this thought and am passing it on 'cos I think I'm on to something agents rates please girls. Do you know that this blog would make a fantastic 'How to' book for thos efew mums of teen terroists who do not blog...if there are such oddities. Blimey O''ve only been up a week or two and I'm hooked and those days are long gone for me. Whatcha think?

  5. wow...not thought that at all.....scary wouldn't know how, what to do, think, say, where, when, how, shouldwe, wouldwe, couldwe!!!!!

    sharp intake of breath!!

  6. Natalie: I wish you and your five little piggies well again very, very soon, my pet!

    Jo: And my thoughts are with you, 100%! They are just calling treatment of the virus now, containment is no longer possible... Thank you for mentioning all us souls at your fabulous blog, petal! Bless you, love, Fhi xxx

    Derrick: He went back to school on the fourth day, then was off the fifth - It appears to be a virus but, as Moannie says, it's difficult to know... Thank you for your concerns and, as for our signatures, it's just that I'm too stupid to keep adding my signature to my post - How daft is that?! But I'm parenting a Teen Terrorist, who's entered a particularly difficult phase, so I've an excuse! ;)

    Moannie: Glad we've got you hooked, precious! What an idea, non?! Breathe, Saz, breathe - One (little piggy) step at a time, dahlink! xox

  7. Sorry to hear about poorly ones - may they get better and annoying again quickly.

    All I'm qualified to advise on is 'What not to do!' Perhaps we should let one of the teens do an invitation posting and tell us where he thinks his parents have gone wrong! Anonymously, of course. No forget that, I didn't really suggest that, did I?

  8. As someone who has had a book published, it would be a possibility, as long as there isn't anything like it on the market. The publishers are all hurting in this economy and you'd have to blow them out of the water with a really good proposal first.

  9. Swine or no swine, I hope yours heals quickly. It's never easy to see them sick. (Cute pig though.)

  10. Maonnie/expatmum- My life is so busy, busy, I can't think how I would, could do this..let alone have the confidence...I kinda think if its meant to be someone would find me..naive l know but still..there is it.

  11. I hope that piglet is feeling better. What an awful thing to worry about the kiddos.
    And don't be afraid to whine...we all need a place to put it.

  12. He is indeed back at school, mes dahlinks, with only a week to go until summer recess, and with letters falling out of my handbag concerned about his absences from school this term and last... This has been his worst year for absences - I hope this does not repeat itself in his final year in school...

    They've stopped testing for swine flu, so we don't know whether he has had it, or not... So difficult, non?! xox