Saturday, 11 July 2009


My 16 year old boy had his first "house" party the other day. It did not go well. Having said that, my house is still standing and my children are still alive, so perhaps that was all I should have hoped for.

I agreed because he did not go to Newquay or Portugal post exams like a lot of his friends so I thought it would be reasonable to let him have some friends round whilst I was out at a nearby party. He was warned that under no circumstances should anybody go upstairs. Therefore, finding myself standing in a warm pile of vomit with my bare foot just as I climbed in to bed was more than enough evidence to prove that he failed to meet my minimum requirements.

However. What should be done? About punishment I mean?

Is it simply a learning curve and one of those memories they will always have, like we do - of being slightly badly behaved in somebody else's house? Not that I remember vomiting on the floor of my friends parents bedroom, mind you.

Obviously, the main punishment is that there are going to be no more parties at my house.



  1. Family affairs welcome!!! Its wonderful to see you here!

    ANd to share this experience will be particularly relevant to many l'm sure.

    I too do not remember me or anyone else vomiting near my mums bed. The trouble is I cant say what I d remeber as Mum (moannie) is a blogger too and she will har about it, 535 years after the event, wil be no less of a Mum's the word!!

    Do add another post, there will be plenty of free days coming up in the dashboard..

    saz x

  2. It's so hard with this situation as it might have been something that was not in your son's control. It's the whole lack of respect for other people's property that gets me - but it went on in my teenage years. Best not to have any more teenage parties eh?
    BTW - I am dealing with the same "lack of respect" thing, as my 6 year old thinks it's hilarious to go into my bathroom after we put him to bed, and tip out any bath gel he can find. Last night it was my Origins Ginger Fusion gel (which sounds vile but is lovely). All down the toilet. Grrr>

  3. I can empathize with your son. Having had a party of my own where I intended/tried to follow the rules only to have unruly friends who did whatever they saw fit.

    I am curious to see how you resolve this.

  4. Oh, I sympathize... Tonight, my 17 year old will be home-alone with his girlfriend who is one year older... I have tormented and tortured myself about this... Do I stay to chaperone, can I prevent anything happening, if they weren't at my house would things just be going on elsewhere, are they 'up to' anything...

    Gah! I'm going mad!

    As for punishment, no more parties sounds very reasonable to me, and I'd try to get them to pay for the professional cleaning of my bedroom carpet - That seems fair to me - Hit them where it hurts, in the pocket! Welcome, and what a fabulous posting! Thank you x

  5. An adult-free house party for teenagers is not something I have dared in my house yet - mind you, my husband is more likely to be the one who vomits on the carpet!!

  6. Thanks for all your comments! It is definitely a lack of trust...I guess the answer is only to agree to parties if you are in the house, which would certainly curtail some of the bad behaviour but no doubt ruin my son's street cred!..