Thursday, 30 July 2009


And here's another thing about teenagers, (especially the boys) - they grow. Sometimes at an alarming speed.

We're headed to England soon and I was just thinking that it's a year since my sibs have seen my kids. The 6 year old obviously looks different every time we go, but the 13 year old man-child? Last summer, at 12, he was 5'8" which was big for his age. This summer? 6'2" and a size 14 shoe!! I don't think anyone really believes me but they'll be in no doubt in the very near future.

Think about it. He has grown six inches in a year. I don't know how he manages to move around with such a dramatic shift in his centre/center of gravity. I have a hard enough time myself and I stopped growing decades ago. I'm not even sure he'll fit into my mother's loft bedroom any more. Maybe we can pitch a tent and leave him out in the back garden?

And of course, with the smaller fridge, it'll be trips down to Tesco every day to keep him stocked in fertilizer! His dad is 6'4" so I shouldn't be surprised, but I didn't expect it this early!

Expat mum


  1. Forgot to say this was posted by me - Expat Mum!

  2. Oh gosh. MIne is now 184cm, and has still gone up another 2 cm this year at age 18 .You are going to have one enormous son there if he keeps that rate of growth up!

    And yes - they eat...and eat....and when the mates come over for the X Box marathon, you are best to kiss goodbye to your grocery budget for the next month!

  3. Wow, and I thought The Beautiful Son was big !

  4. its scary how fast they grow...

    Sorry the weather has turned to shit...we have a lovely april, fine May and mega hot June...rare for cumbria but now l have 3 weeks off and we have this april weather!

    where will you be on your hols?

    how was the conference?

  5. WOW! Put him next to my child and it would be little and large! I am still waiting for my 12 nearly 13 year old to grow, I am sure it will happen at some point.

  6. They really eat! Last night I served up dinner at about 7 p.m. and then at about 9 p.m., I go into the kitchen and find my eldest (17 @ 179 cm)tucking into two large sized rolls!
    Me - Why are you eating again? Didn't you just have dinner?
    DS - Oh, I am just filling up so that I don't have to buy a snack at the mall...
    Me - You mean you are going out NOW???
    DS - Yeah, that's why I am eating now - to save money!!!

    I mean - it's pointless!!! to even have a conversation...

  7. Ha ha ha. He doesn't have too many friends over at the moment, mainly because we've only just moved his XBox out of the communal space. Perhaps I should invest in a bigger (or yet another) fridge for when school starts.

    The conference was OK, but I wasn't allowed into many of the sessions (cheap tickets). However, I have stopped whining because I complained to the organisers and they have responded to me more than once and want more of my feedback. Can't really complain any more.

    Will be up north (Tyneside mid-August, so I want that bloody weather sorted. Last year we came in July and it rained every day but four! Pah!

  8. I really have to stop reading this blog, Baby Boy is only 14 months and you are all getting me worried!

  9. I am doing a sun-dance for you currently, Expat Mum - It did not rain today as a consequence!

    As for growth, what are we feeding these darling weeds on - They grow like Topsy, and like Weeds, and eat us out of house and home - There's no satisfying their appetites, non?! 'S'wonderful! They are strong and healthy, no rickets or diphtheria (sp?) for this generation, eh, unlike my darling late dad's generation... Great posting, EPMum x

  10. Wow! And I thought my girls were growing fast... I don't like the idea of my kids being taller than me!

  11. Pippa D - just think of yourself as "prepared". If anyone can be prepared.