Tuesday, 7 July 2009

In praise of the teen

Never let it be said that I am an unfair woman. I have been known to bump my gums about the teens in my life, both the ones who dement me in my kitchen and the ones who dement me in my classroom. But I actually like them as a species, quite a lot, not as much as fruit and nut toblerones or new shoes or wine obviously but a goodish amount.

So, in an attempt to redress the balance of my moans here are some of my favourite things about teenagers.

You will never have to throw out any food ever again, I find this really helpful as I don't like the blackberry yoghurt that comes as a plus one with the cherry yogurt I do like. They sit there making me feel bad every time I open the fridge. My mother instilled in me a horror of wasting food, no 1970's Glasgow teatime was complete without yer mammy banging on about the starving weans in Africa to make sure you cleared your plate. I can actually hand my son a pile of stuff and say "Eat this, it goes out of date today" and he will. Not a bother on him, he cares not a jot what flavour, couldn't give a curdy. Score.

You can read no end of trashy magazines and make tut tutting kind of noises about the cut of today's youth whilst pretending you are checking the suitability for Eldest or even Baby Beautiful Daughter.

They will do stuff for you on the puter, me no likey the puter, me fraid of the puter, both my own teenagers and the ones I'm paid to mind are fantastic at IT and will help me. They do, however, get very frustrated at how slow I am and then say in an exasperated tone "Just leave it and I'll do it for you". Lovely example of the circle of life. Excellent, more time for me to read trashy magazines.

There will always be music to listen to, you might not like it but your musical tastes will be expanded and they might like some of your old stuff, my kids love punk.

You can go out again without the need for babysitters. After all those years of taxi service for your teens, they may, if bribed drop you off and then come back to collect you. Can you hear that joyful sound ? It's the sound of me getting my life back.



  1. How nice to read about the benefits of having teens around - great post! And yes, love the idea of getting your life back! As my two girls are getting older and more independent I can see a light at the end of a tunnel.....just hope it's not a train coming.

  2. Thanks notSupermum - It's good to see them grow into themselves and as you say as they become more independent you get some time back for yourself. I am affectionately referred to as "a failed grown up" in our house ! I am the archetypal recycled teen, maybe that's why the kids and I are getting on so well at the moment. I had to put the "at the moment" in as a disclaimer as I'm sure next week will find me bumping my gums again !

  3. Sometimes they are really good at setting video players and digital TVs as well! Never could get the hang of it myself.

  4. True, actually I wouldn't have any music at all on my ipod if it weren't for them !

  5. Gwennie, I do a lot of whingeing, it is sure, but I do love my Grizzles - I am duly admonished and will think of something really positive to say, definitely, at some point - When he gets off the sofa and lifts a finger to carry a dish through to the sink, I promise, I swear!

    Love you, thank you so for joining us - You bring us such riches, Auntie Gwennie! x

  6. lol....why DO they make blackberry yogurt..!!
    At least you have the pleasure of getting the kids into punk! Can I get mine into Britpop...? I'm reckoning it (not me)isn't old enough yet! But the pleasure of no more babysitters.....aaaahhhhhhh!

  7. Fhina - I think everyone who reads this blog knows it's a given that we love our teens ! otherwise why would we put up with them ????

    Lena - I know, that really feckin annoys me the yoghurt thing. Yeay for no more babysitters and your child not crying when you leave them !

  8. Thanks auntie gwen for a look on the positive...and how not to be so damn negative all the time..
    I have been unattached to my laptop due to long shifts this week, so apologies for being a late comer...