Friday, 31 July 2009

Message in a bottle...

Raising teenagers.. Pictures, Images and Photos Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. Let me add a few more if I may -

    - trying to get them out the door = like herding cats

    - to other people's teenage girls - "Save the drama for yo' mama" (You have to do a bit of an American accent, but it's worth it.)

    - "Whatever" - (emphasize the "r" like an American). Gives them the same attitude as they give you when they really can't be bothered to listen to you.

  2. I love the 'herding cats' thing, Expatrice! BTW, if you want to take that pink vintage 'Damn right I'm good in bed...' card from my site, please do, my darling - No problemo! It's a postcard I also have tacked to my fridge!

    I shall practice some of those Americano sayings today when I am off shopping with my teen - Always a perilous journey, as he is worse than any woman when it comes to fussiness and not finding what he wants... Wish me luck!

  3. My tall boy, have got up out of bed at 2.45PM!!!!! the last two days...his Grandpa...says,' young boys NEED their sleep, Saz, just leave him.' Wish he was so mellow when I was a teen....ha ha

    is there any point to ANGRY, BOTHERED, PISSED OFF!?

    woulda shoulda coulda!!