Sunday, 26 July 2009

Only 16...

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Well he's 17, and she's now 18... But I was reminded of that song, 'Only 16, only 16...' Do you remember it?

...Any advice yet on how to handle Teenage Loves and Conquests...?

So strong, it seems as if nothing in the world will push you off course...

So sure, no-one can tell you anything; Least of all your parents!

So intense, you never imagine anyone will mean as much to you in your life again...

So young, and 'There's plenty more fish in the sea...' 'So many girls, so little time', you almost want to say to them, but you know that this first love will stay with them the rest of their lives, and often will influence the next steps they take in relationships...

So all-enveloping... And nothing else matters: Not the future, not exams, not success - whatever that means - not your family, nor your friends...

Any advice for a Fretting Mad Manic Mama, mes bloggy loves??!

...Well, at least one of the pros at the moment is that he tidies the house up before The Woodland Faerie comes to visit!

Can I live with that?

You betcha!

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  1. I'm absolutely dreading those situations, fortunately my 15 year old doesn't seem that interested yet. Anyway, he seems so embarrassed by his family that I expect he wouldn't even want to bring a girlfriend here. Yes....he's one of those.
    Good luck with it all.

  2. My eldest seems to have steered clear of the emotional minefield that is young love, he thinks he is a player and as such it would not be cool to bring back a girlfriend!

  3. Oh yes, sucking face all over the place I'm sure! At least he's bringing her home - I don't think that always happens. Good luck, we'll be here for you when it ends.

  4. First love, whether at 16 or 26 is intense, overwhelming and unforgettable. You can do nothing to stop it, just be there if and when it all goes pear shaped.
    No one has ever felt what they feel, no one understands. Sometimes it lasts forever.Sometimes it dies and breaks a heart.
    Talk to your son/daughter, openly and frankly. Tell him/her that you understand, have been there, know what they are feeling, that it is as old as time. Say that you hope they are adult enough to take precautions if they are considering sex [and of course they are]and that if they are old enough to believe they are in love they are old enough to talk as adults.And also that they respect your right not to be embarassed by them kissy faceing in front of the entire family and the dog.

    How simple it is for me to be wise after the event.

  5. Hello Fhina,

    I don't think I was ever 16, so can't say, BUT being in love at any age seems to throw most other things out of the window. Just be glad he tidies the house!

  6. OMG FHINA!!! I can't help I'm still getting over my teenage angst and loves....butt hen l am daft!!LOL

  7. It is hard, isn't it? Watching them wrap their hearts around someone, especially for the first time, and knowing that it will most likely end badly at some point.

    Blah! And I've got two teenagers right now. It's double the fun and angst!

  8. There must be an anti-hormone concoction we could slip in their cereal...there are certainly all kinds of things that affect our hormones, right?
    Meanwhile, I just choose to listen to my kids...engage with them as much as that we can stay connected.

  9. Given that many teenagers have the attention spans of gnats, it will probably be all over soon, but in the mean time perhaps a little "talk" about being very careful.

  10. I know you are all talking absolute sense... Thankyou!

    We're talking one step at a time at the mo' - We've just got over the Cannabis Confession, as one example...

    Bless you all x

  11. Oh I have been there! Have an 18 year old son & and 16 year old daughter who just recently had her first boyfriend.

    All I can say is "breathe -this too shall pass."

    And be around - alot :-)