Thursday, 23 July 2009

Maybe I have done too much for them...

My Eldest Beautiful Daughter has just finished her AS level exams. Next year she will sit her A2's and leave school. We are now looking at courses and different Universities for her.

Gulpity gulpity gulp. (If this was my own blog, you'd get feckity, feckity feck but I'm trying to ease you in gently to life ala auntiegwen)

The Beautiful Son in a casual enquiring sort of fashion asked "When Lara goes to uni, will she have a carer?"

auntiegwen in a puzzled and bemused tone replied "A carer?"

The Beautiful Son continues "Yeah, like to do all the stuff you do for her"

That means everything except dressing her and wiping her backside. She can do that all by her own self now, I'm very proud.

auntiegwen throws her head back and laughs like a musketeer informs

"No, when you leave home and go to uni, you have to do all that stuff for yourself"

The Beautiful Son decidedly states "Well, I'm not going then"


  1. Oh, Gwennie, this is so funny, and I can see it all! Why is it that they are more bother to look after now than when they were toddlers??! My son is exactly the same age as EBD, and I know nothing about Geography, and yet it's me working out the decent courses for him to apply to, chasing him up to register on UCAS, and checking out where the Open Days are...

    Feck, at this rate, I might even be doing the degree for him! Great, great post - Thank you so! x

  2. Love the post, my eldest is at the same stage, but I have pushed him to do the ground work himself. I am here for him to bounce the ideas off, but I am making him responsible for finding out all about the courses he is interested in, the uni's he might want to go to and filling out the UCAS form. Only because I fear that if I do it for him, he is the type to turn round and say 6/12 months down the line you made me do this, so I am trying to get him to take a bit of thought and responsibility for his own future. But it is so hard taking that backstep.

  3. Having always been very hands off with my kids choices my daughter recently decided she would go to uni after all having insisted all thought college that she didn't want to study any more.
    It was my new year resolution this year to ensure that they can all : cook something they like, can clean the bathroom and can use a washing machine. I am determined to push them out into the world at least able to look after themselves:-)
    Thanks for sharing
    much love Martine

  4. Fhina - You're better off than me, she hasn't quite decided what degree she wants and therefore having to look at everything! I need a big lie down

    B - she has done her own Ucas form but I am a controlling type of mummy and I have this need to ensure she's not applying for degrees in myspace or facebook or lipgloss.

    Martine - I'm on that tack as well, although she would insist that tinned spaghetti hoops are a perfectly acceptable meal !