Sunday, 19 July 2009

Introducing Your Hosts...

Now introducing Fhina & Saz, co-founders of Mad Manic Mamas,

in the spirit of teenage past...(Gin at least, in Saz's case, as it turns out!)

Fhina, who writes the hilariously pithy, wise and AB FAB

pictured here, probably aged about 18

looking particularly ladylike, chilled and laid back

(probably pissed or worse)

our very own Lady in Red

and this is

Saz aka FFF aged 18

looking particularly over made up and daggy!!

Saz is gorgeous really - Fhina's seen her in the flesh - But when Saz always has her eyes closed, she can't see herself any longer!

Anyhoo, these are The Likely Lad-ies and we are sending you love and hugs!

We do have a wonderful pic of Scriptor Senex at 15 here somewhere, but we're still drooling over it... and some AFTER photos of Saz and Fhina...that we haven't had searched out and destroyed yet!

Who are you? What defines you? What defines us at the moment, among other things, is that we are proud Parents of Teen Terrorists...

Our other contributors are understandably a little reticent to share their pics...

After all, once their kids have identified them, they'll be thrown off the Parent Protection Programme!

And what do you want to be when you grow up?!


  1. Golly, Great pics, ladies! You both are amazing! Still digging for a good pic here....

  2. love the pics and the sassy commentary that goes with them.

  3. OK, I will definitely get the Queenager to figure out what's wrong with the scanner. I found one yesterday that isn't too faded and makes me look like a right bee-atch.

  4. Saz, told you you were gorgeous! We've got Gwennie's pic and the Sweet Scriptor Senex up next - Watch out! :) Love that shower curtain! :P !

  5. Hello Fhina & FFF,

    Just popped over from AWONI to check you girls out. My spectacles have misted up!!

  6. I think you're both lovely.

  7. Yay! Finally a pic of Fhina :D