Monday, 20 July 2009

Grin and bear it

I'm sure this phrase was thought up for parents of teen terrors!
I mean that is all one can do isn't it? Grin, wide so as to exercise your cheek, not as in bottom, muscles and bear it, well not sure how or where the bear comes into this, but bear it we must.
What alternative is there?

On this blog Fhina waxed lyrically about the traumas of teen terrors and the theory test for driving. I retorted in a unpunctuated rant. My tall girl, passed her theory test 8 weeks ago. Omitted to tell us her parents, by choice and favour. Told the world at large on her msn chat profile, which appeared on my 'online contacts' which showed her byline as 'passed my theory test!'

She denied it effortlessly, without so much as an upward roll of the eyes, not leaving the laptop/facebook page, with 'oh l was only blagging!' or was that 'blogging'?

So l thought, okay playing around with your status, kudos whatever, we all try it on for size. then realise the coat is too heavy and a bad fit.Learning curve.

We were the told she HAD passed it weeks ago, over dinner last weekend. And to boot her instructor says she is ready for the test, so to put for it now. But. .. that is £61 for test, plus 2hrs lesson beforehand £46 plus £23 for rental of instructors car for the test. Between then and now a lesson a week plus 15 for good measure, apparently is another, sing amongst yourselves please....... oh £300 or so total to pay between now and 1st week September is almost here.

Tall girl has paid for all her lessons so far bar the two we have subbed. We believe that giving it all to her on a plate, isn't good for her now or in the long run.
Consequences eh? We've covered that word well here l recall.

So what to do? Waste the lessons she's had so far or as I suggested, sit her down later tonight and make a plan for this to be completed with a little help for the bank of Mum and Dad?

this is how I wistfully think of tall girl and her driving cars ... sigh!


  1. "Oh. by the way, did I mention Cathy's staying over this weekend (which ended up being a year) and the lads are coming round on Saturday for a game on the Xbox (lasted a week). I assume you've got plenty of Lager hidden away somwhere? Where is it? Eh, Dad, are you listening?"
    Yes, Junior. Dad is listening he's just framing his reply. This could take a while....

  2. Gosh! Golly! Gulp! Test huh? Then what? A car? Your car? Larry's car? Gap year then Uni? Where the Sanfairyann has the time gone?
    Well that's Birthday and Christmas sorted I guess.
    Good luck...

  3. At least over here you can take your test in an ordinary car. (The examiners must be mad don't you thnk.) The driving school is busily trying to convice my daughter that if she turns up in one of their cars (ie. pay to rent it and probably have a few lessons before), she will definitely pass. Nice try tho'.

  4. I'll pay for the driving lessons once she's mastered the walking bit ! My eldest beautiful daughter is not the most co-ordinated child you've ever met.

  5. I signed the Official Secrets Act when my career first began - and it seems as if all it prepared me for was expecting Teen Terrorists to keep secrets from us... Permanently! Great post, Saz! Breathe, breathe! That's right - Into that brown paper bag... In... Out... xox

  6. There is an upside of course..less ferrying them around and the chance of a lift home yourself occasionally!